Webinar – Data Lake, Foundation for your Digital Transformation Journey

Webinar | Data Lake – Foundation for your Digital Transformation Journey

A data lake is a centralized storage facility that stores massive data from several sources in a raw, granular manner. It can store organized, semi-structured, and unstructured data, allowing for more adaptable data storage for future usage. For speedier retrieval, a data lake links data with IDs and metadata tags while storing it.

The phrase “data lake” was coined by James Dixon, Pentaho’s CTO, to describe the ad hoc character of data in a data lake, in contrast to the pristine and controlled data held in typical data warehouse systems.

But what does it imply in practice, and why are data lakes such an essential notion in data science? What’s more, how can data from a data lake be used in data science and analytics applications?

Catch the webinar to learn about the minor details of this complex system.