Event – Umbrella’s Data Lake Framework for MyTeam11

With digital payments becoming the standard, more businesses are seeking for chances to streamline costs and make them more user-friendly and customer-centric. Unfortunately, digital fraud has grown more widespread as cashless platforms have gotten more popular. The banking and commerce industries have had a difficult time managing fraud. Fraudsters have honed their skills at exploiting vulnerabilities. They are now phishing for susceptible individuals and collecting money from them in ingenious ways.

When it comes to processing massive datasets, machines outperform humans. Instead of the few trends recorded by developing rules, they may detect and identify millions of patterns in a user’s purchase experience. For example, fraud detection using machine learning and predictive intelligence has been used by companies like MyTeam11 to monitor vulnerabilities effectively and address gaps in their payment systems.

Watch this webinar, presented by Umbrella Infocare in collaboration with AWS to learn how Umbrella’s Data Lake Framework allows data optimization for real-time decision processes and fraud prevention.