Webinar – Data Transformation for SMBs in Financial Services with AWS

Data Transformation for SMBs in Financial Services with AWS

Data as we all know is the new oil. It is no secret that by leveraging data, businesses can improve performance, customer experiences, decision making, process and delivery, and tap new revenue streams while driving innovation. Very importantly, Big data analytics provides deep insights that help businesses restructure their solutions to suit market and customer needs.

The very first dive into the world of big data involves establishing a single source of truth. Most businesses struggle with data siloes, unverified or lack of data validation and structuring growing volumes of data that can power critical business and customer insights.

The Financial industry too stands to gain massively from implementing Big Data Analytics solutions as it helps personalize services and products, predict risk and consumer behavior, get accurate valuations of customer portfolios and reduce risk through fraud detection. By modernizing or transforming data with leading technology like Amazon Web Services (AWS), financial services can structure, visualize, and derive insights that drive revenue and solve business challenges.

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