Application Modernization using AWS

AWS Application Migration & Modernization

Experience the insights from our webinar hosted by our parent company, Noventiq in collaboration with Umbrella Infocare, as we explore the world of Application Modernization. Together with AWS, we bring a stronger and unified approach by combining our migration and modernization capabilities to deliver business value for our customers with greater efficacy, speed and efficiency.

In this insightful webinar, we delved into the topic of Application Modernization, highlighting its importance in enabling digital transformation and embracing the numerous benefits of the cloud.

During the webinar, our expert speakers explored the key drivers behind the need for application modernization, guiding participants through the thought process of why modernizing their applications is crucial in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. We emphasized the significance of faster speed to market, improved scalability, enhanced agility, and lower costs that come hand in hand with embracing cloud technologies.

One of the main highlights of the webinar was our focus on application modernization through Amazon Web Services (AWS). We showcased how AWS provides an ideal platform for organizations to revamp their applications, leveraging its powerful infrastructure, extensive services, and robust security measures. Our experts shared valuable insights, best practices, and success stories to help attendees understand the process of modernizing applications using AWS effectively.

If you missed the opportunity to attend this enlightening webinar on application modernization, don’t worry! Although the live event has already concluded, you can still access the recorded sessions and gain valuable knowledge to kickstart your own application modernization journey. 

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