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The Upside of Application Modernization

Anoop Prasad | 21 May 2019 | Cloud Native Application, Newsletter

Are you struggling to keep pace with competition? Are long implementation cycles making ideas irrelevant? Does ROI of rolling out new features deter? If you are nodding to any or all of the above, it is time to modernize applications.
Cloud-native modern applications are based on containers and centered around APIs for easy integration, loosely-coupled microservices architecture which are deployed on scalable elastic Cloud infrastructure to equip organizations with extraordinary speed and flexibility. Businesses can innovate quickly, iterate frequently and fail fast while enhancing productivity and being cost-effective.
Yet software modernization initiatives are slow on the uptake because it requires a change from status quo to a fast moving, forward-looking organization—often organizations are plagued with the mindset ‘why touch an application if is working’.
But faced with the reality of accelerating digital-first strategy to differentiate technology-led customer experience organizations are rapidly adopting modernization approaches.
According to Forrester Research, while many organizations embarked on modernization strategy in 2019 organizations will become pragmatic about technology deployment—linking application refactoring and automating core systems to create customer experiences—by building ‘a model that translates tech-led innovation into customer value’.
Specifically some reasons spurring modernization initiatives include the following:

Maintenance & Support of legacy system:

Studies have found organizations are faced with two major challenges: traditional environment that work in silos and limit developers ability to help businesses achieve new goals; simplify infrastructure management to reduce cost and focus on innovation. The answer to these dilemma is modernizing applications that lend easily to scalability, elasticity, self-healing properties, and continuous improvements in a collaborative environment.
Cloud native applications are driving innovations because of the huge efficiencies it effects— increasing developer productivity by reducing time to make releases facilitating frequent iterations based on market response. Organizations looking to steer the path for exponential growth technology-led innovation is the only way forward and going Cloud-native backed by application modernization will help remain relevant, innovate and outperform in the market.


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