Dig into your logs for higher performance and business advantage

Dig into your logs for higher performance and business advantage

Log management has assumed center-stage in enterprise technology systems with the uptake of distributed computing. Hybrid environments with resources within the enterprise and somewhere in the cloud are enabling dynamic scalability but creating layers of management complexity. At the same time, new architectural design practices such as micro services and containers have ushered a lot of flexibility but created opaque systems, making it difficult to trace bugs and identify vulnerabilities.

These challenges can be overcome by having a centralized log management system which captures, processes and turns logs into insightful data. A good log management system should be able to do this and more.

Specifically organizations have leveraged log management for the following benefits:

  • Logs provide unified view of enterprise resources across on premise and cloud, facilitating performance optimization and resources utilization.
  • Real-time data into logs provide insights into network latency, delays in database transactions and page loading times, which in turn facilitates performance optimization.
  • Logs enable organizations to identify abnormal behaviour, take corrective actions and prevent attacks.
  • Logs management tools with search capabilities enable quick extraction of data found insights into businesses operations and new opportunities.

Organization must have clear intent and strategic approach to implement log management. Business and technology managers should understand that logs provide critical data that can be converted into valuable insights by analysing events and system activities over a period of time.

The first step towards log management is to aggregate the data in a central location. However, enterprise strategy for log management must be aligned with the objectives you want to achieve, so aggregate only selected logs to avoid an avalanche of data.

Finally, data visualization and presentation is critical to enable easy information consumption and tools must have this capability.

Log management is complex and requires deep skills and expertise for effective deployment. Umbrella has worked with organizations helping them to save costs, get insights into customer behaviour, optimize system performance and achieve enhanced security with smart log management strategies. If you would like to know more about log management, contact us.