Umbrella Infocare partners with CloudHealth

Umbrella Infocare partners with CloudHealth

Umbrella Infocare has joined hands with CloudHealth to provide more benefits to customers with the Cloud deployments. The partnership will deliver high-quality consultative services to drive best practices for cloud governance and optimization.

CloudHealth is a management and optimization platform enabling customers to optimize cloud deployments by monitoring resource utilization, providing suggestions for rightsizing and enabling security and governance compliance.

Specifically customers will benefit in the following ways:

Granular Billing: Customers will have more clarity with resource utilization and billing allowing better control over cost, resource allocation and utilization. Cloud administrators will be able to assess which business is consuming how much resources, the frequency, load and peak of utilization and will be able to plan better.

Infrastructure Right Sizing: We will provide custom performance optimization matrix enabling customers to evaluate utilization and efficiency across the cloud infrastructure. Customers will also receive associated reports, policies and automation required to support ongoing efficient utilization.

Reserved Instance Management: The partnership will enable Umbrella to provide analysis and insights into utilization of reserved instances and provide recommendations on RI modifications. The service will outline best practices, and deliver monthly reservation recommendations for purchases and modifications based on overall strategy and initiatives.

Cloud Governance and Policy Service: This service helps develop the framework for continual infrastructure optimization through decentralized management with centralized governance controls. It provides business analysis of perspectives/groups, reporting and policy requirements for stakeholders across the organization. This service delivers detailed mapping of data analysis needs and corresponding reports—which includes cost, usage, performance and governance for each functional business group—to define accountability and maximize efficiency.

The service is immediately available and we urge customers to try this free service for 14 days and experience the benefits. Talk to our experts for more information.