Umbrella becomes member of elite “audited” group of AWS Managed Services Partner

Umbrella becomes member of elite “audited" group of AWS Managed Services Partner

Umbrella is proud to announce that it has become a certified AWS Managed Services Partner (MSP). This is a recognition of Umbrella’s capabilities as a Next-Gen AWS MSP bringing in-depth knowledge and understanding about AWS environment, its services and offerings, and best practices to help customers grow the business via digital transformation.

An AWS MSP undergoes rigorous audit by third-party auditor to ensure the partner has systems and processes in place to deliver robust solutions that deliver value to customers.

Next-Gen management capabilities are essential to manage cloud-based infrastructure which is significantly different from traditional IT. MSPs design and build responsive infrastructure with built-in redundancy and scalability to help meet business goals.

At the same time AWS MSP use automation to detect vulnerabilities and achieve continuous compliance; monitor utilization and optimize performance. These tools are intelligent enough to identify consistent variation in threshold limits during particular time of the day and specific days of the week.

“We are pleased to recognize Umbrella as an APN Premier Consulting Partner,” said Bikram Singh Bedi, Head – India Region – ‎Amazon Internet Services Private Limited. “Umbrella has a well-earned reputation for customer obsession, and this has translated into consistent success in helping customers optimize use of AWS Cloud. Umbrella is leveraging its large body of certified and trained professional experts to help deliver outstanding customer outcomes on the AWS Cloud.”

Speaking about the certification, Gurprit Singh, Founder Director says that the audit itself was a huge learning for the company. “The certification is a validation of our capabilities as a leading partner of AWS. It will build confidence amongst customers as it helped streamline many of our internal practices, equipping us to deliver greater value to customers more efficiently and effectively.”