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Scale, manage and secure APIs with ease
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Amazon API Gateway is a console that helps create, maintain, monitor, secure and manage APIs, primarily REST, HTTP, and WebSocket at phenomenal scale. API Gateway enables communications between backend and frontend services and support web applications, and serverless and container workloads. API Gateway can process parallel API calls at great volume and speed and keep costs low as you pay only for the API calls you receive, and for the amount of data transferred out. With scaling, costs are further reduced as API Gateway has a tiered pricing model.

Umbrella Infocare can help you deploy and optimize API Gateway for creating, scaling, managing and securing your APIs and enable high performance at lower costs.

Amazon API Gateway Benefits

How Amazon API Gateway Helps

Build and maintain APIs, while scaling up performance and cost savings

Optimize RESTful APIs for building APIs for API proxy functionality and for serverless workloads. Leverage easy API management from a single console.

WebSocket APIs

WebSocket APIs help maintain communication between backend services and user applications that are easily created, secured and maintained by Amazon API Gateway

AWS Lambda

Want to build serverless apps and run code faster?

AWS Lambda can help you run code with speed and scale at lower costs
“ Umbrella has helped us remove all the challenges of dealing with infrastructure provisioning and management by going serverless with AWS Lambda. They have helped us run code much faster and at scale while saving on costs. They have also helped us leverage Amazon API Gateway, making it easy to create RESTful APIs with scalability and security. Umbrella has optimized APIs for our serverless workloads and API management is simpler for us now.”
Alok Kumar Singh
Head - Loan Management Technology Systems, HeroFinCorp

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