AWS Lambda

Run code the easy way with speed and scale
AWS Lambda Delivery

A Function-as-a-Service platform, AWS Lambda helps run all kinds of code, simple to complex, with speed and scale. As a predominant choice for building serverless apps, AWS Lambda enables running code for both applications and backend services without the need for managing servers or provisioning infrastructure. Lambda, with its ability to function parallelly can increase processing speed multifold and is a cost effective pay for what you use service.

Umbrella Infocare has been helping a wide range of customers execute code faster, improve performance, and scale up to demand while saving on costs by optimizing AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda Benefits

Key Benefits of AWS Lambda

Accelerate iterative development, modernize applications, enhance code performance and focus on innovation with AWS Lambda
No Server Management

From deploying code optimally, maintenance and patching to monitoring, Lambda removes the need for server management

Automated Scaling

Event triggered parallel code processing enables easy & fast scaling of applications and functions

High Availability

Fault tolerance built into the infrastructure, and compute capacity across availability zones ensure high availability and superior performance

Cost Optimization

Millisecond metering, no idle server time, pay only for compute time, and no maintenance on associated processes and tools help control costs

Amazon API Gateway

Want to create and manage APIs at scale?

Leverage Amazon API Gateway for high performance and lower costs
“ Umbrella has helped us remove all the challenges of dealing with infrastructure provisioning and management by going serverless with AWS Lambda. They have helped us run code much faster and at scale while saving on costs. They have also helped us leverage Amazon API Gateway, making it easy to create RESTful APIs with scalability and security. Umbrella has optimized APIs for our serverless workloads and API management is simpler for us now. ”
Alok Kumar Singh
Head - Loan Management Technology Systems, HeroFinCorp

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