Umbrella Infocare Receives New Reviews on Clutch

Umbrella Infocare Receives New Reviews on Clutch

At Umbrella Infocare, we help businesses reinvent themselves and achieve goals through Cloud solutions. We’re an IT service provider specializing in AWS solutions, and we enable Cloud adoption, DevOps services, Big Data Analytics, Cloud security, Managed Services, and more. With over eight years of industry experience, we’re an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and we have experience working with companies all over the world. We are customer-focused, transparent, and innovative!

Recently, we received reviews on Clutch that speak of our excellence as an IT services provider. Clutch is a leading B2B reviews and ratings website. Headquartered in Washington, DC., the company connects businesses with the best solution providers to fulfill their B2B IT needs. The team of analysts collects clients’ feedback, analyzes industry data, and compares competitors in the market to provide entrepreneurs and managers with the information they need.

The first review came from a global trade publisher—we deployed its website on AWS Cloud and provide managed services. According to the Associate VP of the global trade publisher, “Our website has been running glitches for last 5 years. We changed our development team twice, but Umbrella remained our hosting partner.” Additionally, the client praised our team for being friendly and approachable, and they noted the solid leadership of our company. That said, they gave us an overall rating of five stars!

AWS Cloud and provide managed services

We also received a review from a sustainable design studio. We helped their team by optimizing their Cloud infrastructure. First, we transferred their hosting from a private data center to AWS environment. We also implemented security updates to build a stronger platform and reduce cyberattacks. Aside from that, we helped them do Cloud monitoring and security auditing to optimize network portals in several places.

Our services have resulted in a 99.9% uptime, elimination of DDoS and encryption attacks, and a reduction of Cloud expenses. The client appreciates that we’ve introduced them to the right components and tools, which improved operations. “They are proficient, professional, and they have skilled resources,” said Dinesh Joshi, Virtual CIO of Good Earth. “I think in my 17 years of career, they have one of the fastest response times I’ve seen. This goes within the entire company, from the CEO to a junior level engineer, everyone is reachable, whenever we have a problem.” With that, the client gave us a 4.5-star overall rating!

Top Cloud Consultant for 2021!

Additionally, the Manifest recognized our hard work and named us a Top Cloud Consultant for 2021! Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest is a business news site that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and business managers and users can also browse past projects of the listed providers. We’re happy to be featured on the Manifest!

We thank everyone who took the time to give us a review. Your positive feedback validates our efforts and inspires to improve our services. We look forward to having more reviews on Clutch!

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