Key Announcements at Aws Re-Invent 2018

Enterprise Customers Upbeat about SD-WAN Technology

AWS re-Invent did not disappoint in terms of new launches—with more than 60 announcements the most important ones tend to get buried in the noise. Here is a closer look at some announcements related to database, machine learning, account management and serverless that will help build new-age enterprise applications easily—applications that scale to handle millions of requests per second and access data with millisecond latency.

Announcements for Database

Aurora Global Database: An extension of Aurora database’s in-region log based replication to cross-region replication allowing a single Aurora DB to span multiple AWS regions and deliver low-latency global reads. It uses storage-based replication using dedicated infrastructure which makes the database fully available to serve application workloads. The service is generally available in few AWS regions.

Amazon Timestream: A new times series database, it is optimized for time series data and ideally suited for IoT and operational applications—collecting, storing and processing time-series data such as server and network logs, sensor data and telemetry data. This service is currently under preview.

Announcements for Machine Learning

Amazon Personalize: Based on the same technology used for, AWS Personalize is a new machine learning service that makes it easy for developers to build sophisticated personalization capabilities in the applications to make content  recommendations, tailor search results and make targeted marketing campaigns. This service is currently under preview.

Read about the state of Machine Learning here:

Amazon Forecast: Based on technology used by, Forecast helps to do critical  forecasting to meet customer demand and optimize spend in stocking inventory. Forecasting is often challenging given variables such as pricing, events, and even the weather. Amazon Forecast creates accurate time-series forecasts using historical and causal data to train, tune, and deploy custom machine learning forecasting models. This service is currently under preview.

Announcements for Easy Manageability

AWS Security Hub: Provides comprehensive view of high-priority security alerts and compliance status across AWS accounts from firewalls, endpoint protection to vulnerability assessment and compliance adherence. Security Hub is a single pane which aggregates, organizes, and prioritizes security alerts and findings from AWS security services such as Amazon GuardDuty, Inspector, Macie to summarize findings visually on dashboard. This service is currently under preview.