AWS Fargate Makes Running Containers Easy

Anoop Prasad | 20 Nov 2018 | Newsletter, Enabling DevOps

AWS is taking the simplicity of deploying containers on its platform to the next level by eliminating the hassle of launching and managing virtual servers or container clusters and worrying about scalability. While Docker containers and Cloud computing  shifted the burden of resource management to Cloud service providers, still a lot of operational efforts was required to run workloads efficiently.

With Fargate, the promise of Cloud—which allowed scalability and flexibility by abstracting infrastructure yet was held back with the burden of provisioning and managing—is fast becoming reality as AWS evolves its own ECS service into the next layer of abstraction.

It is AWS’s endeavour to help developers focus on the application by delivering a consistent, immutable unit of deployment allowing developers to change  code or run the app in a different places without having to manage servers and complex configuration tools.

So what is Fargate? Here are highlights you need to know.
Key Fargate features include:
These features enable Fargate to offer compelling business benefits as enumerated below:
How Fargate Works

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