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The Many Ways You Can Containerise on AWS

Anoop Prasad | 07 Aug 2021 | DevOps Enablement

Much has been said about the “what, how and why” of containers. Having understood what containers are and the benefits that are derived from them, the more important question is what are the ways to do containers on AWS? And you would ask, how does this matter?

On AWS, this makes a big difference because it comes with a wide variety of options to store, manage and run containers. Depending on your workload, large, small, critical, or experimental, you can choose the one that fits you best.

There are more than 15 ways to do containers on AWS independently or with supported services like Amazon ECR and ECS, let’s look at 5 that we are currently using to leverage containers for our customers:

At the end of the day, containers make developers lives easier and drive faster go to market for businesses. While you have a vast number of choices for running containers, the best fit for your business and workloads would need deep understanding of AWS containers. All options are secure, reliable, and deeply integrated with AWS. All you need to do is choose the dance that suits you best and start building!

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