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Umbrella sets up software development—focus on application modernization and analytics

Gurprit Singh | 02 Jul 2017 | Cloud Native Application, Newsletter

Umbrella Infocare has set up a software development arm which will focus on developing solutions to accelerate Cloud migration of customers and develop new solutions that will add value to Cloud services, primarily analytics. Cloud application development requires special skillsets and understanding of Cloud principles. Umbrella Infocare is one of the leading AWS partners and has extensive experience in

Cloud application development in India


Specifically, the development arm will begin by developing solutions that will help modernize applications to accelerate the Cloud adoption journey. Many of Umbrella’s customers want to take advantage of the flexibility, elasticity and scalability of AWS Cloud but are constrained by legacy applications, which are not cloud-ready.

Migration to the Cloud is fraught with complexities as most enterprises have heterogeneous technology environment. It requires a carefully calibrated approach, starting with due diligence for assessment of existing assets and identifying the right applications for migration. Once the applications have been identified, it is critical to modernize the supporting environment including the applications to which the cloud-based application is connected to complete a particular work flow.

The other area of development is analytics as Cloud applications provide a lot of data which can be tracked and utilized intelligently to make insightful business decisions. For example, e-commerce providers for lifestyle products can analyse logs of visitors from a particular region to get insights into customer preferences from specific geographic region and predict demand patterns based on local weather conditions, festivals, customs or developments.

By analysing customer inflow of traffic, feedback and usage patterns, businesses can draw insights to innovate better and prepare for risks and new opportunities. Businesses can enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging data-based insights and get competitive advantage.

Deriving insights from cloud-based applications is critical for strategic businesses purposes as well as for securing the enterprise. While a connected enterprise enables mobility, flexibility, higher productivity, it also exposes itself to vulnerabilities and best practices and strict enforcement is essential to prevent intrusion and potential attacks.

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