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6 things to consider when you Migrate your Data Warehouse to Amazon Redshift

Data warehouses have played a key role in analytics and decision-making at businesses for several years now, capturing data and powering dashboards and visualizations for management, marketing, finance, operations and essentially every other function in a data-driven organization. The cloud has turbo-charged data warehousing, and as you consider your organization’s digital transformation and move your […]

Citrix Analytics enables comprehensive enterprise security

How to Best Secure Data in AWS S3

Amazon S3 is one of its oldest services, immensely popular as a cost-effective storage option. Launched in 2006, it is an object storage and sharing service with a web interface, deeply embedded with applications across the Internet via API integrations. However, despite being one of the most secure services AWS S3 has frequently been hitting […]

Fortifying Your Data Lake

Fortifying Your Data Lake

Given that data is the currency of the digital economy and business grows only as fast as insights from data, organizations are racing to deploy Big Data Analytics (BDA). According to IDC BDA would be at the heart of digital transformation initiatives and by 2022 the worldwide marketsize would be $274.3 billion. The phenomenal growth […]