Paynet Systems is a financial technology services company that provides innovative, end-to-end enterprise payment solutions to help enterprises increase revenue and boost user engagement. PayNet enables companies to easily offer a fully branded, secure mobile wallet solution that includes P2P transfer, remittances, top-up channels, virtual payment cards, loyalty points and rewards, promotions and offers, amongst other features.

Paynet Systems

01. The Challenge

The Paynet Cloud is a secure, highly configurable, rich platform that enables businesses to design digital payment solutions quickly, easily in a compliant manner. The platform allows Paynet’s customers to focus on designing and developing payment solutions to delight the customer, while taking advantage of a full-featured secure payment platform.

Paynet wanted to host its platform on a highly scalable, robust, flexible and secure infrastructure environment which is also cost-effective.

A key requirement was to design a highly secure architecture which is PCI DSS compliant. Since the platform was targeted at applications which facilitate financial transactions, a crucial business imperative was to provide the confidence about a secure platform.

After considerable due diligence, Paynet decided to host its application on Amazon Web Services and partner with Umbrella Infocare.

02. The Solution

Umbrella has designed a highly secure architecture using AWS VPC and deployed a number of server hardening practices to host Paynet Cloud. AWS advocates security is a shared responsibility—while AWS ensures compliance at the infrastructure level, customer has to ensure security and compliance at the application layer.

Umbrella used AWS IAM services and categorized users into security groups. VPC flow logs provides further visibility as it enables to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in the VPC.

Paynet has a tiered architecture with application and database at different layers to deliver high performance, and to define role-based access.

Among other services Umbrella has used AWS ELB to distribute incoming traffic to multiple EC2s and auto scaling to ensure consistent high performance.

05. The Benefits

The Paynet Cloud has consistently delivered high performance to its customers, enabling it to offer SLAs for high availability and reliability. Paynet does not worry about investing upfront to buy additional resources or worry about idle capacity. The on-demand AWS Cloud allows Paynet to focus on expanding its business by continuously developing a robust platform, relevant features and upgrading security and compliance to make it more appealing to customers.

The technical support from Umbrella and AWS ensures Paynet does not have to spend time and energy resolving infrastructure issues.

The AWS infrastructure compliance with international security and privacy frameworks helps reassure Paynet’s customers about the stringent security practices of the hosting infrastructure.

Says Ankur Mishra, Chief Innovation Officer, Paynet, “The superb technical competence of Umbrella allows us to focus on designing technicalities specific to our business objectives, namely compliance and security. AWS infrastructure gives us scalability and reliability, which is critical to achieve our business objectives.”