Good Earth is India´s leading design house with both physical and online presence. It is an exclusive premium brand which celebrates the culture and history of a rich and diverse land with luxurious sustainable home items. With its unique mix of vibrant colour and serenity, Good Earth captures the essence of Indian style where opposites and contradictions coexist naturally and easily.

Good Earth

01. The Challenge

The Good Earth website crashed during a sale and it was a business imperative for the customer to have the site up and running in the next 24 hours. However, it appeared impossible to achieve that objective with the existing infrastructure service provider. Faced with the crisis, Dinesh Joshi the IT head at Good Earth reached out to Umbrella Infocare and asked for help. This confidence was the result of an earlier engagement. The need of the hour was to step in fast, and quickly get the website running during the sale period to salvage the Good Earth reputation.

02. The Solution

Within hours of the first call, the Umbrella team did an assessment and gave an assurance that the website would be up and running within hours. The customer´s infrastructure team then fast tracked the proposal internally and got the necessary approval for the new deployment.

The team did a requirement assessment and deployed EC2 and initially deployed SQL RDS. During the test however, RDS was not functioning efficiently so the team switched to EC2 with SQL and achieved the immediate objective of getting the site running. The deployment took just 8 hours, enabling the customer to get back into business.
After the sale, the Umbrella team took about a week to streamline operations and reset the infrastructure to handle regular traffic. The team then worked together to understand business requirements and tweaked the deployment for optimum performance.

The Umbrella team is now working with the client to expand the deployment to include cloud directory services, S3 which is a simple storage service and Glacier which is AWS´ archival services.
Being a design studio, creative assets are business critical for Good Earth and Umbrella team is now working on developing an effective digital asset management solution.

03. The Benefits

Umbrella is now the managed service provider and the client is highly satisfied with the website performance. There are proactive management measures which includes real-time performance monitoring, routine maintenance services such as server updates, patches, etc for optimized performance and automated escalation which allows the team to take pro-active measures.

Says Dinesh Joshi, Head of IT at Good Earth, «Umbrella exceeded our expectations as we could get the website running within hours of nightmarish experience. They have continued to delight us with expertise in AWS infrastructure and we are therefore steadily working to expand the relationship.»
Umbrella is also working with Good Earth to support its new initiative—another e-commerce site under the brand Nicobar.