Aleading provider of mobility solutions, catering to over two billion mobile users worldwide, . the client company offers digital value-added services (VAS), mobile finance, and customer management solutions for telecom operators, serving both retail and corporate users. The global mobility services provider partners with organizations in the communications and financial industries to maximize customer lifetime value and facilitate large-scale digital transformations. With their solutions deployed by over 130 Communication Services Providers and Financial Institutions in more than 90 countries, the client has helped billions of people worldwide benefit from digital and mobile technology.

IT industry

Published Date : 19-May-2023

Securing Infrastructure and Centralizing Console

The client is seeking to build a secure infrastructure on AWS to provide secure services to its multiple customers. They want to ensure the security of their instance-based and serverless containerized environment. To achieve this, they need a framework that can secure AWS EC2 instances, containers, serverless applications, and the overall application to reduce the attack surface. Additionally, they require a centralized console to manage all security policies effectively.

Requirements also included:

Comprehensive & centralized security solution

Umbrella Infocare designed a comprehensive solution that ensures the security and reliability of your AWS infrastructure. Our solution included an automated deployment of an advanced malware protection agent with innovative security features like machine learning, artificial intelligence, web reputation, integrity monitoring, virtual patching, and XDR for EC2 instances. Plus, our runtime protection solution ensured the safety of applications deployed on AWS Fargate. Additionally, our container security solution provided in-depth scanning of container images to prevent any malicious content from infiltrating their system.

Secure AWS infrastructure for the leading mobility solutions provider:

The client wanted to secure their AWS infrastructure to provide safe and reliable services to customers. Umbrella Infocare provided a security solution that ensured protection from malware, automated deployment of advanced malware protection agents, runtime protection, and container security. Umbrella Infocare’s proposed solution offers several benefits: