Beyond Virtualization : Citrix Delivers Mobility, Collaboration & Performance Optimization

Beyond Virtualization

A leader in virtualization and mobility technologies, Citrix Technologies is one of the early players in the market with a wide array of enterprise products. Yet Citrix continues to be known for its application virtualization product, XenApp.

In recent times, Citrix has made rapid inroads into the mobility and performance management space. This is in tandem with enterprise adoption trends which have seen huge uptake in cloud hosting, BYOD, demand for remote working and anytime access to enterprise data.

Industry estimates suggest a high 69% information workers work outside the office, yet 71% employees do not feel equipped with technology to get their jobs done outside the office. Citrix products are nicely positioned to address this gap, evident in the demand surge for Citrix products.

Specifically, Citrix Netscaler has seen rapid proliferation as enterprises increasingly focus on end-user experience and seek to optimize application performance. Netscaler is the fastest growing product category as enterprises are increasingly putting business-critical applications on the cloud and the imperative for performance, security and application resilience gain currency. Netscaler monitors network traffic, distributes it evenly and triggers failover in case of application performance degradation.

For the end-user, Netscaler is responsible for delivering speedy access to applications and ensuring data availability at all times. For example, New York- based Montefiore Health System is able to empower thousands of hospital users to remotely access clinical applications from homes, hotels, and other remote locations.

This includes doctors who need to look up patient test results while on vacation; administrators who can’t make it in because of bad weather—Citrix solution ensures everyone has secure access to hospital network at all times.

In addition to accessing enterprises network and data remotely, employees are also accessing them through a variety of devices. This is increasingly the vulnerability of enterprise networks and data security. 66% of technology decision makers say the lack of data protection capabilities on mobile devices concerns them. XenMobile enables enterprises to access data securely from any device, at any time.

Renault, a French automotive group based in 128 different countries used XenMobile to enable its employees across different countries to access enterprise applications securely. Renault deployed Mobile Device Management (MDM) application with XenMobile, enabling the company to separate personal and professional data. Choosing a solution that combined MDM and mobile application management made it possible for Renault to adapt its BYOD policy to meet legal requirements in different countries.

Enterprises are also deploying Citrix products such as ShareFile to enhance employee productivity. For example, Citrix ShareFile has enabled public service officials in US’ Dallas County to remotely access data across its agencies and communities securely and effectively.

ShareFile has increased productivity and convenience of Dallas County officials enabling easy upload of large from the field—whether an assessor taking property pictures in the field, a county attorney requiring an evidence video, or the Sheriff’s Department documenting an accident or crime scene.

As we usher in 2017 the quest to achieve mobility, security, application compatibility across devices and OS, and ability to deliver high performing applications will become more rigorous, triggering robust uptake of Citrix products—to enhance employee productivity, deliver high performance and ensure competitiveness.