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Umbrella uCloud is Bar Raiser in AWS Managed Services

Anoop Prasad | 03 Apr 2021 | Managed Services, Newsletter

Extracting value in the Cloud is a continuous process and requires technical expertise, thorough understanding of the ecosystem and constant skill upgradation as Cloud benefits of scalability, flexibility and pay as-you-go are underpinned by extensive automation.

Managed Services is a key focus area of Umbrella and the company invests significant time and resources in building capabilities. A certified AWS MSP for four consecutive years, Umbrella is rapidly expanding its customer base across verticals, gaining rich experience and deep insights into business requirements.

This has enabled us to develop a proprietary Cloud management platform called uCloud which delivers the following benefits:

Key Features of uCloud Platform

Alert Consolidation & Optimization: Too many alerts cause fatigue, especially threshold alerts during seasonal breaches creates confusion. uCloud dashboard consolidates alerts with a single dashboard for unified view and optimizes alerts based on trends and analysis, creates reports which are shared with customers.

Cost-Savings Report: On-demand provisioning and pay-as-you-go encourages decentralized provisioning giving rise to Cloud sprawls and underutilized assets. uCloud dashboard provides granular insights to optimize resource utilization and save costs.

Security Best Practices Report: uCloud dashboard provides unified view of security. Integrated with AWS Security Hub, it keeps track of security settings to ensure adherence with AWS security best practices and CIS recommendations across accounts in the organization, providing reports to analyze and enhance security posture.

Performance Management: uCloud enables customer to get comprehensive picture of the deployment with detailed reports and analysis into tickets, resource utilization, incidents and SLA breaches.

Automated Reports of Backup: uCloud dashboard in integrated AWS backup service and keeps track of all back-up jobs to provide a consolidated report showing completion of backups, what is in progress, failed backups, and resources for which backups have not been taken.

Customer benefits

Umbrella is managing highly critical customer workloads where high performance, scalability and consistent user experience are competitive differentiators, while also delivering cost-efficiencies by leveraging uCloud capabilities. Specific benefits that have accrued to customers include:

Optimized for cost and performance on a continuous basis based on metrics-based automated reports which provide insights.
Risk mitigation with actionable insights into security gaps
Continuous compliance with easy implementation of policies
Cost reduction with detailed report into resource utilization
Higher productivity as routine tasks are automated
High performance as reliable data reduces errors
Enhanced productivity with analytics-based adjustments of threshold alerts.
Greater confidence in decision making

An Umbrella MSP customer, Aakash Educational Services Ltd has summed up the experience pithily, “Using best practices that includes autoscaling, RI and sophisticated monitoring, Umbrella helped achieve significant cost savings, even as we scale up, reach new customer segments and deliver high performance consistently.”

If you want to know more about our Managed Services capabilities, write to us at or talk to us at +91 9873892249

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