uCloud – Empowering Scalable and Cost-Effective Cloud Service Operations

Umbrella uCloud is Bar Raiser in AWS Managed Services

The Need for uCloud

As the adoption of public cloud continues to grow, the Umbrella Infocare team realized the need for a solution that would enable our managed services to scale up to the needs of a growing customer base seeking 24*7 managed services support. We envisioned a solution that can address:

uCloud is Umbrella’s proprietary Cloud Managed Services (MS) platform providing single window, for all customer environments. Our MS team uses and optimizes uCloud for key service operations like:
Alerts Management

Helps seamlessly integrate heterogeneous monitoring solutions and present them in a single view enabling us to quickly detect and respond.

Scheduled Jobs Automation

Makes it easy to schedule jobs for multiple activities from a single console with automated notifications on performance, success, and failures

Security Assessments

Ensures strong security posture through assessment of customer environment against various compliances like CIS, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA

Cost Optimization Analysis

Helps us share cost optimization recommendations based on consumption and utilization trends analysis

Reporting and Governance

Enables us to provide Infrastructure Uptime SLA and Service Operations SLA Performance reports & Backup exception reports on time

Inventory Management

Simplifies tracking of inventory information across all AWS regions and resources using a single view enabling resource optimization in all regions

How uCloud brings value

uCloud helps consolidate monitoring, standardize reporting, reduce manual intervention, and leverages automation for major time and costs savings. Accelerates resource and cost optimization with speed and accuracy. Using the automated platform, the Umbrella Infocare team brings significant value to our Managed Services customers. We constantly work on improving the platform to innovate and ensure continuous compliance and efficiency.