Umbrella Managed Services Facilitate Cloud-Enabled Innovation

Umbrella Managed Services Facilitate Cloud-Enabled Innovation

As a certified Managed Service Provider (MSP) Umbrella brings deep understanding and expertise in managing AWS infrastructure allowing customers to focus on innovation. Each year Umbrella is adding new capabilities to help customers get the competitive edge.

As an experienced MSP, we bring tremendous power and capability with automation—namely load balancing, auto-scaling, self-healing capabilities, automatic deployment, continuous compliance. Businesses become highly responsive programmatically launching full-scripted environments, thereby enforcing compliance and preventing failure.
Technology becomes an enabler when businesses are able to automate infrastructure deployment and management. Our Cloud engineers extensively use DevOps principles in designing architecture and automating the process of software release management. From an enabler, technology becomes a differentiator as businesses get first mover advantage, responding instantaneously to external dynamic conditions.

Businesses are able to meet global compliance and governance requirements with monitoring tools and security best practices. In a highly networked business environment continuous compliance is critical for Cloud deployments as instances are added and released on demand, increasing exposure to vulnerabilities. Automating launch environments, monitoring, detecting and remediating compliance violations enhances security posture of businesses.

Umbrella provides real-time monitoring with intelligent algorithms which discovers patterns and anomalous behaviour, so we can act proactively and prevent incidents. Along with AWS CloudWatch we use third party tools such as CloudHealth and Zoho Site 24×7 to monitor infrastructure. Our team of experts understands requirements and sets up customized alerts/alarms in addition to default alerts/alarms. An unbeknownst beast lurking in all transitions is Change Management. We expertly manage transitions to the Cloud, stabilize environments with system-based change management protocols—ensuring a smooth journey and preventing the slippery path to nightmare.

The icing on the cake is a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) works with Managed Services customers becoming a single point of contact. The TAM works as an extended team of the customer’s business, owning all routine and schedules activities and taking care of escalations.

Last but not the least, we use Well architected framework to design robust, scalable and secure infrastructure with built-in fail-over strategies so your deployments are optimized and benefit from continuous cost reductions.