NextGen MSPs Facilitate Exponential Business Growth

NextGen MSPs Facilitate Exponential Business Growth

As Cloud adoption gains momentum, the conversation amongst stakeholders has moved from cost-savings to extracting the next level of advantage. Next Generation Managed Service Providers (NextGen MSPs) are helping customers to achieve business agility, innovate at an exponential pace and take leading positions in their market categories.

Customers are learning that Cloud technologies are rapidly changing the business landscape with new capabilities, possibilities, thought processes and philosophies. This has impressed upon businesses to break barriers and reach new heights by experimenting more, failing fast and triggering innovation. But that path is uncertain and fraught with danger without the help and guidance of experienced, capable NextGen MSP.

So what are the qualities of new-age MSP? Typically NextGen MSP enables customers to achieve the four As: Availability, Agility, Automation and Autonomy.

Availability: NextGen MSPs are adept at building well-architected Cloud frameworks which are inherently scalable, replicable, highly performant and built for failure. In other words, Cloud frameworks are designed to be available with layers of built-in redundancies; self-healing capabilities; and risk-mitigation strategies, including auto-scaling, auto provisioning, data back-up and extensive monitoring. NextGen MSPs know how to align workloads with appropriate services and practices to help customers achieve best business outcomes.

Agility: NextGen MSPs swear by DevOps to automate process and change management practices. As opposed to traditional managed service providers where a major preoccupation is to predict and manage capacity, NextGen MSPs take ownership, become stakeholders in business outcomes by continuously assessing and monitoring systems to optimize performance and ensure speed-to- market.

Automation: Cloud architectures designed to work in hyperscale environments leverage infrastructure-as-code where auto-scaling and self-healing capabilities are built in, and infrastructure itself is a disposable resource—a far cry from traditional managed service providers. NextGen MSPs extensively leverage automation to reduce error, monitor performance, detect intrusions and design flexible architectures which scale up and down according to workload and schedule. Tools and systems are intelligent to detect patterns; take preventive and remedial actions; and trigger self-healing processes.

Autonomous: The end goal of building inherently scalable, flexible Cloud architectures is to empower customers with self-service. Customer can launch scripted environments on their own—which are standardized by way of infrastructure-as-code to facilitate predictability in outcomes. Next Gen MSPs are not involved in managing and operating standard environments. They step in to fix alerts and anomalies remotely; optimize performance and enable organizations to outperform competition.          

Customers are increasingly viewing NextGen MSPs as partners who are trusted advisors, empowering them to achieve business objectives. They bring complex skill-sets—from in-depth understanding of existing IT environments; extensive knowledge on migration strategies and best practices; capabilities to design scalable architectures; incorporate DevOps systems and processes; build intelligent, self-healing systems by leveraging automation and deep-learning technologies.

Umbrella is a NextGen AWS certified MSP, helping businesses achieve exponential business outcomes with consulting, implementing and improvement strategies.