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Migrate VMware Workloads to AWS Easily

Anoop Prasad | 02 Feb 2018 | Newsletter

Are your applications running on VMware while you want to take advantage of cloud computing?

Now it is getting easier to take your VMware deployment to AWS Cloud, without experiencing downtime or complexities arising from large-scale migration of servers. We at Umbrella have successfully migrated many deployments to AWS using recommended approaches.

The merits of deploying on AWS Cloud are well documented. AWS offers highly reliable and available infrastructure which is inherently scalable. It is secure, flexible and cost-effective where businesses only pay for the resources consumed. During peak hours, the deployment scales up quickly and automatically. As the load on the application reduces, the deployment automatically scales down.

AWS has been working consistently helping VMware customers migrate to its platform smoothly, and efficiently. Over the years, the innovations and iterations have yielded dramatic results, making migration to the AWS Cloud easy. Specifically VM Export-Import, Server Migration and AWS Management portal for vCenter automates and orchestrates migration to enable seamless migration and reduced downtime during cutover.

VM Export-Import: VM Import/Export enables you to easily import virtual machine images from existing environment to Amazon EC2 instances and export them back to on-premises environment. This offering allows to leverage the existing investments in the virtual machines to meet your IT security, configuration management, and compliance requirements by bringing those virtual machines into Amazon EC2 as ready-to-use instances.

Umbrella seamlessly migrated 15 servers hosting one of the Vestergaard products to AWS Cloud, using VM export-import, with minimum downtime. Vestergaard develops healthcare solutions that provide a healthy and sustainable planet.


AWS Server Migration Service (SMS): Launched in 2016, AWS SMS automates and schedules the migration process, including incremental replication of live server volumes to AWS which reduces downtime at cutover. AWS SMS is uniquely suited for environments which require large-scale migrations and where downtime, agentless tools, incremental replication and application testing before cutover are critical considerations.


AWS Management Portal for vCenter:  This service enables to manage AWS resources using VMware vCenter. The portal installs a vCenter plug-in within the existing vCenter environment and then enables you to migrate VMware VMs to Amazon EC2 and manage AWS resources from within vCenter.

Umbrella recently leveraged the vCenter portal to execute a large-scale migration for a leading SaaS-based HR solution provider from India. With live operations of customers at stake, the migration of more than 80 servers was a challenging task but Umbrella achieved it without any hitch.


Third-party tools:  Umbrella works with third-party tools such as Cloud Endure and Zerto to seamlessly migrate live VMWare workloads to AWS Cloud. Cloud Endure offers automated migration utilizing block-level continuous replication, application stack orchestration, and automated machine conversion to ensure 100% data integrity. Zerto’s replication software for VMware vSphere enables automated data recovery, failover and failback to allow selection of any VM in VMware’s vCenter, without installing agent or requiring storage configuration.

If you have large VMware deployments and want to explore migration to AWS Cloud, please contact us at 989 949 5349.

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