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Citrix Analytics enables comprehensive enterprise security

Gurprit Singh | 07 Jun 2018 | Newsletter

Ecuring digital enterprises is becoming more challenging with an explosion of SaaS applications, increased mobility, changing work habits and complexities of the connected enterprise.

IT is faced with the monumental task of monitoring enterprise networks and its perimeters, safeguarding the datacentre, and allowing access to and from public Cloud. Regulation and compliance standards are becoming more stringent requiring tighter controls over enterprise data and network systems.

At the same time threats are becoming subtle and attacks more sophisticated and persistent, increasing enterprise vulnerabilities.

To help enterprise mitigate data security challenges, Citrix has launched Analytics service that provides greater visibility into networks and pro-actively detect and manage threats and malicious activities.

It provides view into all end-points across datacenters, mobile, hybrid and multi-clouds instantaneously equipping the organization to detect abnormal behaviour and take action. The service collates data over a period of time and is able to combine all inputs and corelate the data using advanced machine learning to deliver insights into access patterns.

A Cloud service, Citrix Analytics ingest data from all its products—XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, Netscaler and ShareFile—whether it is deployed on premise or in public Cloud. It captures user data as they enter the system tracking users as they access enterprise applications and data sources even if it is encrypted.
Data is displayed in easily consumable format on neat dashboards enabling easy tracking of network applications. If users are seen to deviate from normal access behaviour such as logging in from another device or accessing restricted application, an alert is raised.

Detailed data capture help the service to create intelligent algorithms that creates risk profiles of individual users and help administrators take appropriate action. This allows organizations to balance need of users to access data rapidly with IT’s need to secure and govern the environment to meet compliance requirements such as HIPPS, SOX and GDPR. Citrix Analytics helps secure all Citrix deployments easily.

If you want to know more about this service or try out the service, reach out to us at or call us at 987 389 2249.


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