Benefits of AWS Landing Zone

Anoop Prasad | 20 Nov 2018 | Newsletter

Organizations using  AWS Cloud end up having several accounts for different purposes including the need to manage operations with separate accounts for different departments, deployments, new projects, functional requirements such as dev, test and production, etc. The reasons may be numerous but the underlying reason remains the same—operational efficiency which ironically is compromised as chaos and confusion grip the organization with budgets going haywire, utilization unmonitored and continuous struggle to enforce compliance.

To overcome these challenges AWS has designed Landing Zone which is an automated solution that enables users to launch and manage multiple accounts using AWS best practices. It is a solution wherein Amazon has brought together number of existing services to help customers manage accounts more efficiently. Using it, you can programmatically create multiple accounts through AWS Organization account and easily launch new template-based environments.

AWS Landing Zone brings the following benefits:
Landing Zone Structure

Typically AWS Landing Zone solution includes four accounts: AWS Organization which deploys landing Zone and manages configuration and access; shared services account to host directory services; logging account usually stored in S3; security account to be used for audit and compliance purposes.

Architecture of AWS Landing Zone

To implement Landing Zone, customers need to work with a professional service provider like Umbrella. We helped one of India’s largest players in mining implement AWS Landing Zone and achieve greater security and cost control by segregating accounts and creating a single pane for monitoring and controlling deployments.

Specific things we changed include:

Customer now has greater visibility across the organization resulting in better resource utilization, enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

If you need help in streamlining your accounts, enhance transparency and  manageability of deployments, write to us at or call us at 987 389 2249.


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