AWS Launches Beta Version of New Pricing Calculator

AWS Launches Beta Version of New Pricing Calculator

AWS has launched a beta of its New Pricing Calculator that provides estimates for EC2 instances, EBS volumes and a wide variety of purchasing models. New Services will also be added to the Calculator, soon to allow comprehensive estimates for all AWS Services.

The objective of the New Calculation is to enable cost estimation in simple manner by eliminating jargon and making exercise obvious and transparent.

Granular Control: Accessible at the New Calculator offers fine-grained control over each aspect of estimate.

For example, it is possible to define workload in detail which will present graphs that best represents your monthly workload. You can add variations in the workload to represent unpredictability and the Calculator will figure out the most economical combinations of Reserved and On-demand instances to provide the right fit for your needs.

You can check what pricing strategy works for you by choosing to use On-Demand Instances, Convertible Reserved Instances, or Standard Reserved Instances, and choose payment terms and options for RI’s.

How it Works: When choosing EC2 instance types you can enter resource requirements such as vCPU count, memory size, and GPU count and choose the option with the lowest price, or can pick an EC2 instance type by name.

For EBS volumes, choose the type and size of volume for the instance. The calculator allows to associate one volume with each EC2 instance and you need to specify total amount of storage you need across all volumes.

The estimate homepage is the main entry point for using AWS Pricing Calculator from where you add groups and services to see the combined estimate for all grouped services.

Groups are containers that you add services with each group having a name and pricing for services in a particular AWS region. You need to assign each group a region and the Pricing Calculator applies the group region to all services in the group.

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You add services to the group and select region to get precise pricing estimate.

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AWS is soliciting feedback on its Developer forum to enhance the Calculator’s features and expects to launch in early 2019. Right now, the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator continues to be available for use.