Interview with Nilesh Goradia, Head Client Virtualization and Mobility, Citrix India

Interview with Nilesh Goradia, Head Client Virtualization and Mobility, Citrix India

On enterprise imperatives to adopt digital transformational technologies

Three major imperatives are pushing enterprises to adopt digital transformation. First is the need to adapt to changing human behaviour—working habits of employees and buying behaviour of consumers have undergone radical changes in the wake of increased connectivity and the proliferation of devices. Enterprises have to be flexible to adapt to these changes to facilitate employees and engage with customers on a variety of media, which is possible via digital transformation.

Second is regulatory compliances which is unpredictable and constantly changing, requiring enterprises to be nimble and flexible. Third, enterprises must be agile and responsive to external conditions to remain competitive.

Disruptions and importance of agility in today’s environment

Agility means responsiveness and extensibility. Agility means everything in today’s business environment from strategy, vision and execution. Businesses have to anticipate change and recognize challenges from unconventional sectors.

Disruptive change is accelerating and creating lot of ambiguity in the environment. But therein lies the opportunity because if the organization is equipped to handle uncertainty it can build new paths to growth. Enterprises which have embarked on digital transformations will be able to counter disruptive changes with ease and emerge winners.

Technology which facilitates and supports strategic business moves is critical. Citrix Secure Digital Workspace Solutions enable enterprises to roll out services anywhere, quickly allowing employees to access enterprise data remotely in a secure manner while Citrix Network Resiliency and Optimization solutions ensure that employee has a smooth and seamless experience.

The need for future-ready enterprises

Enterprises must be future-ready in order to remain competitive. This means enterprises must be able to roll out services in geographies very quickly to avail opportunities, embrace partnerships to collaborate and extend enterprise access to new stakeholders at different points in time. Citrix Networking Solutions along with strategic decision making, enterprise infrastructure must be able to support the pursuit of corporate vision in a flexible, reliable and secure manner.

Citrix enables a secure enterprise without compromising agility and productivity

Citrix believes that traditional perimeter-based security in inadequate to meet with increasingly complicated nature of security threats. Instead the Citrix approach believes enterprises can secure the most important business asset—applications and data—without compromising productivity.

Citrix Workspace suite solution provides IT centralized control over management, access, and hosting business applications and data across any device, cloud and network. Even as Citrix empowers enterprises with the flexibility to extend enterprise access to employees and third-party, Citrix security solutions enables the organization to minimize risks by controlling privileges and tracking and monitoring user activity.

Citrix believes that the evolving virtualization framework and containerization approaches have helped enterprises mitigate risks associated with excessive access.