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Digital is spurring unprecedented data at high velocity from a variety of sources, and businesses are overwhelmed. Cloud presents unique opportunities to harness data like never before, allowing the flexibility to provision infrastructure and autoscaling.

Businesses can store, analyze historical and real-time data at a fraction of traditional cost. Analyzing data brings the competitive advantage with insights into customer behaviour, ability to identify new market opportunities, detect and prevent frauds,anticipate customer need, innovate better products and services, and become a more customer-centric organization. Data Engineering and analytics with AWS offers leading edge solutions for achieving these goals and for optimizing data to plan business growth.

Our team of AWS Big Data services experts helps you take advantage of scale and manage petabytes of data easily without worrying about cost and complexity. We help you leverage AWS Big Data & Analytics services while enabling your data scientists and developers to focus on finding answers for your business needs.

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Umbrella Big Data Analytics

Experience a Unique Data Journey

From helping you establish a single source of truth to transforming your data into a well- oiled engine focusing on growth, we ensure a smooth and goal oriented data journey 
Data Engineering

For Absorbing & Transforming Data

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Lake
  • Data Warehouse
  • ETL
  • Data Migration
  • Data Security

Big Data/Analytics on Cloud

For Easy Analyses & Decision Making

  • Data Modelling
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Reports
  • Open Source BI
  • Implementation

DevOps & Managed Services

For stress free management of data

  • Data Governance
  • DevOps Automation
  • Infrastructure Optimization

Big Data Value

Drive Results with AWS Data Engineering & Analytics

Our AWS Big Data Analytics services help you transform your data, easily manage pipelines and processes, and derive continuous value with advanced analytics 
Insights into customer behaviour

Know your customer by analyzing data on customer interactions across various touch points and channels to personalize customer journey

Get innovation right

Find out what customers like and want with data aggregated from various channels and social media feedback for successful innovation

Detect and prevent fraud

Get a clear view of user behaviour, patterns, location and login preferences to track and trace and prevent fraudulent activity

Improve marketing ROI

Run focused and personalized marketing campaigns based on reliable data and recent trends to accelerate ROI

Identify new opportunities

Dig deep into market and customer trends, consumer preferences, geographies, and cultural preferences to explore new revenue streams

Boost operational efficiency

Leverage performance, predictive and usage analyses to streamline operations, detect failures and improve productivity

Trouble Scaling Your Data Warehouse?

Learn how you can leverage Amazon Redshift to scale faster and save on costs 
Umbrella Data Lake

Umbrella Data Lake Framework – Transforming your data for meaningful insights

Structured & Unstructured Data Batch Ingestion Raw data import and integrate data from a wide variety of sources to a central storage Realtime Ingestion Data Streaming Developer Business User Data Scientist Process and standardize data clean and transform data by reformatting, correcting and combining data Data lakePerformance of actions taken using data insights are ingested back to the data lake to enrich the data Use case specific data transfor your data to focus on specific customer needs such as customer analytics, fraud prevention and risk assessment Process & Transform Log & Security Analysis Log & Security Analysis Reports & Dashboard Predictive Analytics Adhoc Queries Machine Learning

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“ Implementing data lake provided a big boost to our sales and marketing initiatives as we needed reliable data for specific campaigns. The central data repository is providing a unified view of the customer, enabling teams to collaborate better, resulting in cross selling and upselling of products. ”
“ Umbrella helped put in place a comprehensive and robust data strategy by designing and implementing a Data Lake and warehousing solution. The consolidated view of data and analytics capabilities have enabled us to view operations and map demand, resulting in better planning, cost-savings, distribution and marketing activities. ”
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