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Managing a relational database on cloud can be complex and challenging for developers. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) comes with some distinct advantages that not only make it easy to deploy but offers a variety of database engine options, improves database performance, helps cut down operational costs and overcome several database technology challenges.
Amazon RDS Benefits

Key Benefits of Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS helps deploy and scale a Relational Database on Cloud, and upgrade to managed databases

High Availability

With the Multi-AZ feature, Amazon RDS brings a 99.95% SLA

Automated Scaling

Horizontal and vertical scaling with load balancer to meet high

Costing Options

Different pricing options for RDS MySQL and Aurora instances to fit various needs


Encryption, network isolation, and resource level permissions for securing database

For all your Data Processing and Transformation needs

Amazon RDS Use Cases

Developing Web & Mobile Applications
Build web and mobile applications that require heavy Database Read operations by leveraging RDS read replicas
Efficient Management of Databases
Save time and costs on managing your databases by moving them to Amazon RDS and by eliminating lengthy administrative tasks
Effective for Multi AZ & Auto Failover
Enable high availability of your relational database engines with Multi Availability Zone deployments with auto failover
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