Amazon OpenSearch​

Search, Monitor and Analyse Data Securely​
Amazon OpenSearch

Search, Visualize and Analyse Faster with Amazon OpenSearch​

Businesses accumulate massive data volumes as they expand. It becomes a necessity to tap the power of this data to get valuable business and customer insights. The Amazon OpenSearch suite comes with a set of advanced tools for data exploration, complete with monitoring and search capabilities to visualization dashboards for fast and easy access to huge volumes of data.
Price Performance

Get 44% better price performance with Graviton2 processors


Scale up to 200 nodes and 3 petabytes using a managed service

Cost Savings

Gain Up to 90% cost reduction with UltraWarm nodes and cold storage


Ensure compliance, encryption, access control, monitoring & data replication

Migrate to Amazon OpenSearch for advanced functionality, scaling and reduced operational cost​

Amazon OpenSearch Benefits

Leveraging Amazon OpenSearch with Expertise​

Migration to Amazon OpenSearch requires a clear understanding of data sources, indexing, volume, and the AWS environment. Umbrella Infocare has been helping customers begin with a single use case of optimizing massive data volumes and typically unlocking a variety of use cases for leveraging Amazon OpenSearch. If you are looking to tap the potential of large volumes of data, streamline data for quick search and visualization, we offer a strategy driven migration plan to optimize Amazon OpenSearch.

Data Indexing

  • Grab and index remote data from different sources
  • Make data visualization ready

Interactive Log Analytics

  • Capture security events
  • Detect anomalies
  • Improve app performance

Powerful Search Capabilities​

  • Advanced filters​
  • Search through varied data formats​
  • Personalized search experience​

Scale up Splunk Workloads​

  • Scale to petabytes with huge cost reduction​
  • Gain from advanced functionalities & features​

“ For our web and mobile app, we required fast data processing to create a great customer experience. We also wanted the app to generate search results very quickly. Umbrella helped us leverage Amazon OpenSearch and it enables indexing for faster data processing, and search results are delivered under a second's time. It has definitely enhanced our user experience”
Achin Birpalia
Cybex Exim Solutions
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