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The Business Value of Running Windows Workloads on AWS Cloud

AWS Fargate Makes Running Containers Easy

AWS is taking the simplicity of deploying containers on its platform to the next level by eliminating the hassle of launching and managing virtual servers or container clusters and worrying about scalability. While Docker containers and Cloud computing  shifted the burden of resource management to Cloud service providers, still a lot of operational efforts was […]

Build Serverless Applications for Production

AWS Lambda : The Ultimate Guide

AWS Lambda, launched in 2014, has become a popular service due to its unique value proposition for businesses. In the wake of its popularity and increasing adoption, we are writing a series of three articles that explains what Lambda is about, specific uses cases by which users can benefit and best practices by which you […]

Series 2 - Why Lambda is useful for mobile applications ?

Series 2 – Why Lambda is useful for mobile applications ?

User access via mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular as consumer access to business applications, products and services is the new normal. As a business ensuring a good consumer experience via mobile application is critical to getting the consumer to spend. This means your back-end infrastructure must scale seamlessly and ensure transactions in a secure […]

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