Umbrella Infocare Achieves AWS Control Tower Specialization

Umbrella Infocare Achieves AWS Control Tower Specialization

Umbrella Infocare is proud to announce that we are an AWS Control Tower Service Delivery Partner!

The AWS Service Delivery Program (SDP) makes it easy for AWS customers to find a partner who has deep expertise in various AWS services. The SDP validates a partner’s skill and experience in a particular AWS service. Umbrella Infocare, with a Service Delivery Program validation in AWS Control Tower helps customers follow best practices and ensure business success.

AWS Control Tower enables easy setup, governance, and security for your multi-account AWS environment. AWS Control Tower orchestrates the capacities of other AWS services, facilitates setting up a Landing Zone very quickly, and ensures organizational adherence to best practices.

The best way to ensure governance and security for a multi-account AWS environment is by working with an AWS partner who can build customized solutions for AWS Control Tower. A Built on Control Tower (BoCT) partner like Umbrella Infocare tailors services depending on your governance and security needs. Umbrella Infocare’s BoCT offering on AWS Marketplace – AWS Cloud Security Assessment, optimizes AWS Control Tower by evaluating and providing strong recommendations for improving the Landing Zone. If you set up a new Landing Zone, the assessment offers a validation checklist which simplifies adherence to best practices.

To find about our BoCT offer on AWS Marketplace, click here.

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