Cloud adoption has gained significant momentum, yet security continues to be a major concern amongst many enterprises. The apprehension that digital significantly increases enterprise vulnerabilities does not hold water as many high-visibility, mission-critical Cloud deployments have demonstrated.

While public Clouds provide high level of security, it is a shared responsibility and businesses must undertake specific measures to prevent attacks and ensure deployments are safe. This includes good deployment practices, and rigorous enforcement of governance policy.

Businesses must have a strategic approach to security and invest in people and technology including :

  • A team of security experts chiselled with continuous training
  • Establish systems and processes
  • Invest in security tools and technologies
  • Automation for continuous compliance

Umbrella has enabled organizations achieve transformational speed and agility by breaking barriers
between development and operation with DevOps services. Using AWS DevOps automation services
and third party tools, security is embedded as part of software development to automate testing
and iterate as part of routine development without disturbing delivery cycle.

As AWS consulting partner Umbrella has extensive experience in designing CICD pipelines for
continuous release and deployment of code.

Umbrella Cloud Security Services

Security Assessment & Design

Identity & Access Management

Multi-factor Authentication

Vulnerability Asessments

Intrusion Detection

Data Protection

Log Management

Automated Patch Management

Data Encryption & Key Management

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