A comprehensive hotel software application that acts as a single platform for managing all administrative processes in the accommodation industry first wanted help with migrating the application for one of their key customers to AWS Cloud.  

The application is used for administration purposes for a wide range of accommodation options from youth hostels to 5-star luxury hotels. The unique solution for hoteliers comes with an open structure, modularity and is easily configurable. 

IT Industry

Published Date : 17-June-2023

How Umbrella Infocare Helped?

AWS migration helped the hotel software application’s client achieve dynamic scaling, high availability for the hotel management application and Database environment. Umbrella Infocare assisted in planning and implementing their cloud migration journey to enable high performance and minimum downtime.  

DR Needs of Hotel Solutions Provider

Following migration, this key client of the accommodations solutions provider also wanted to ensure high availability and resilience of critical applications. They wanted Umbrella Infocare’s help with setting up a reliable and robust Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for the hotel administration application 

Better RTO & RPO

To improve Recovery-Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) 

App Resilience

To enable high availability and resilience for their critical hotel management application 

Database Recovery

To replicate Database for ensuring minimum data loss and smooth DB failover  

Cost Savings

Cost effective strategy to ensure DR and business continuity 

Enabling smooth application and Database recovery on AWS

After clearly understanding the DR requirements of the client, Umbrella Infocare provided a DR solution that involved the warm standby DR approach to ensure low costs but optimal RTO and RPO. We put together the following solution for the client: 

  • Leveraged Appranix as a 3rd party tool to backup and continuously replicate the cross-region application infrastructure. Appranix based backup and recovery strategy for application servers provides cost optimisation as they don’t have to run the entire environment always.  
  • Used AWS Database Migration services (DMS) for continuous replication of Database on AWS RDS and helps achieve RPO in minutes 
  • Created target network architecture and VPC using CloudFormation templates. 
  • Database is hosted on AWS RDS for easy management.
  • Application server is deployed behind a load balancer for high availability and load distribution. 

In the event of a disaster, data is already replicated with RPO of a few minutes and Appranix is used to launch the application infrastructure to recover the entire application in DR environment.

Improving RTO and RPO with AWS DR

Once Umbrella Infocare setup their crossregion DR environment, the hotel administration application has achieved: