Workplace Fun at Umbrella Spills over as Good Customer Care

Kajal Hisaria | 21 Dec 2016 | Newsletter

The importance of having fun at the workplace cannot be overemphasized. HR teams in all companies are working hard to enable a fun-filled workplace because of the far reaching impacts on employee morale, customer interactions and thereby on the company bottomline.

At Umbrella, we believe it is important to engage closely with employees to create a balance between work schedules, deliverables, and targets. Yet provide an environment where employees can relax and fulfil individual aspirations.

We strive to provide opportunities where employees can connect with each other via games, activities or simply by chatting up with buddies. The outcome has been that Umbrella is a close knit team, where people do not hesitate to reach out to each other for anything—from sharing weekend updates to discussing clients and business goals in the same breath.

The bonding and camaraderie amongst employee is palpable: employees spontaneously greet strangers; the informal ambience where employees share personal experiences—sports, politics and creative pursuits—without hesitation; and very low attrition rates.

Our best business ideas have popped up in the most unexpected informal discussions, which we have then brainstormed and nurtured into viable and sustainable business strategies.

Umbrella takes pride in establishing one of the fastest turnaround rates for query resolution. This is entirely possible because at the backend, the team really works as one— with single minded pursuit. Also, the fun activities provide opportunities for the company to identify strengths and weakness of employees and align it appropriately while designating roles.

Umbrella management is clear about the importance of holistic life and the benefits of informal bonding. The company encourages good lifestyle practices such as yoga, sports, meditation and ensures regular team lunches, offsite trips, leisure and sports activities in which employees happily participate.


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