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Umbrella Infocare: The Cloud Evangelist

Anoop Prasad | 10 Jun 2016 | Newsletter

Umbrella Infocare has come a long way since it started in April 2013. A short journey of three years but an action-packed, eventful period, during which the company went through a steep learning curve, undertook course correction and significant initiatives to steer and stabilize the company towards a stable growth path.

Betting on cloud and mobility from the beginning, Umbrella started by partnering with Amazon Web Services, which is by far the leading cloud infrastructure service provider globally. The company initially began by targeting enterprise customers but soon realized that although mobility and cloud infrastructure had generated considerable interest in the Indian market, in early 2013 enterprises were still cautious of moving workloads to the cloud. The company changed its focus and started working with start-ups where cloud infrastructure was already popular.

Getting the first customer was crucial and Umbrella did it in style—notching up Indus Insights, a specialized management consulting firm which uses advanced analytics and big data approaches to deliver business value to its clients. A Gurgaon-based company, Indus Insights wanted a solution which is easy, convenient and cost-effective to deploy complex analytics workloads. After a successful POC the deployment went live, becoming one of the few AWS Redshift use cases among Indian customers. Redshift enabled Indus to process massive amounts of data at one tenth of the time it took earlier.

Today, with more than 80 customers largely comprising start-ups and ecommerce companies, Umbrella is aiming big with the AWS cloud journey. It has already helped more than 85 migrations to the cloud, counting well-known brands such as GoodEarth, Safexpress, Ecom Express, Blackberry, Kyazoonga, Axtria, Vestergaard amongst its customers.

With a small band of 30 employees, Umbrella boasts of a large team of certified AWS engineers. While the company plans to expand, it is cautious about hiring only highly skilled professionals and hiring the right skill sets.


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