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AWS Well-Architected Review

Leverage Design Principles And Best Practices

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Cloud deployments are distinct from traditional systems as they lend themselves to evolutionary changes and deliver continuous benefits. To take advantage of Cloud benefits, the underlying architecture must be solidly built on a foundation of security, reliability and self-healing capabilities.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a reference point to assess the qualities of a modern Cloud-based system and remediation required to achieve those qualities. Some questions the Framework answers include following

  • Are you getting the most from AWS Cloud?
  • Have you considered AWS design principles?
  • How does the architecture stack up against industry best practices?
  • Is your Cloud expenditure spiralling out of control?

Why Well Architected Review (WAR)

AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of design principles and best practices based on years of experience working with thousands of customers. A review of AWS Cloud deployment enables to measure against best practices and identify areas for improvement via constructive architectural decisions. Our experience finds that well-architected systems greatly increase likelihood of business success. The five pillars of the AWS Framework comprise:

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

  • Monitor Systems
  • Define standards
  • Automate processes
  • Continuous process improvement


  • Protect information
  • Data integrity
  • Establish controls
  • Detect & prevent security events


  • Prevent failure
  • Automatic fail-over mechanisms
  • Automate change request
  • Remediation planning
Performance Efficiency

Performance Efficiency

  • Resource Rightsizing
  • Optimization
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Cloud Review
Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

  • Track & analyze spend
  • Eliminate expenditure
  • Elasticity with autoscaling
  • Experiment more

Getting Started - The Next Steps

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Discovery of critical workloads and report generation of improvement needs




Accepted recommendations implemented within 7-10 days

Periodic Review



Schedule a Free Review


Executive contacts and walks through the program




Remediation for critical areas within 5 days



Periodic Review

Periodic reviews as architecture tends to drift over time

Up to Step 4 - Free

You too can take advantage of a free WAR engagement and win US$5000 worth of credits when you adopt recommendations

Benefits of WAR

More than 90 percent of our customers have accepted the WAR recommendations and achieved the following benefits:

  • Lower or mitigate risks
  • Make informed decisions
  • Optimize resource
  • Build and deploy faster
  • Think Cloud-native
  • Create a consistent approach to review architecture
  • Influence future architecture
  • Discover new AWS services

Success Stories

AWS Premier Partner - Success Story

Hero FinCorp Expands Business while Serving with Compliance & Data Integrity

  • High Compliance with continuous monitoring-alerts & notification reduces time to remediation
  • Data on compliance readily available – generating reports for audits quick and easy

AWS Premier Partner - Success Story

Panasonic Migration to AWS Cloud Enhances Customer Experience

  • High availability and application performance delivers superior customer experience
  • Advanced security and high compliance with close monitoring and managed services

AWS Premier Partner - Success Story

DevOps Enablement Helps Cashify Dominate Reverse E-commerce Market

  • High velocity innovation with frequent releases
  • Close monitoring ensures high performance; preventive action averts performance degradation


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