About Umbrella Infocare

UIC’s mission is to help our clients overcome complexity with simple and easy to use Cloud solutions.

Umbrella Infocare (UIC) is a leader in Cloud computing technologies specializing in delivering Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Virtualization and Managed Services through our strategy, Cloud capabilities and operations skills.

Our company has come a long way in a relatively short span of time. Since UIC was founded in 2013, we’ve grown to serve customers of all sizes and segments by leveraging the power of Cloud and mobility to accelerate their businesses.
It’s actually the people who work with us that make UIC the company it is today. We engage folks who are smart and determined, and we value capability over experience. Our work environment is conducive to open culture often related with startups, in which everyone is at ease sharing ideas and opinions.

In our weekly review meetings, UIC people ask questions directly to their seniors about any company issues. We have planned our offices to promote interactions between UIC staffers within and outside their teams and to encourage conversation about work as well as play.

Although UIC employees share common goals and visions for the company, we come from different paths of life. And, when not at work, UIC members pursue interests ranging from playing cricket to watching movies, from networking on Facebook to gaming with Candy Crush.

What we do for our clients

We provide a variety of solutions and services to help businesses of all kinds accelerate their performance. These offerings form the backbone of our business; they’ve also helped companies achieve their technology goals.

Our offerings, which range from Cloud Solutions and Enterprise Virtualization to Managed Solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Citrix Cloud bring down costs and help organizations to be more productive and competitive.