New-age digital companies are disrupting business by turning traditional notions on its head—owning physical assets is passe, organic growth is slow and market leadership is determined by ideas, execution and speed.

A fast-moving organization must be built on a foundation of systems and processes that are adaptive, supports innovation and facilitates responsive behaviour. Our Cloud migration services adhere to AWS Cloud Security best practices and are based on a reliable framework that automate routine, repeatable tasks such as provisioning, configuring, deploying infrastructure; and design applications with decomposed tasks for greater stability and standardization.

Our customers deploy applications faster, experiment more, roll new features and products on the fly and thereby achieve a primary objective of technology—being an enabler for businesses. Our AWS Cloud migration services and DevOps practices reduce dependencies, enabling operations and developers to collaborate and deliver at high velocity. We employ standardized systems processes and tools to benefit customers in many ways.

DevOps Services


  • Deploy & manage AWS infrastructure easily
  • Provision, configure, manage resources using codes & templates
  • Monitor & enforce compliance using CloudFormation, TerraForms

Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

  • Enable customers build CI/CD pipelines
  • Ansible & Jenkins to accelerate application delivery & quality
  • Securely store & version application source code
  • Automate build, test, & deploy application

Continuous Audit & Compliance

  • AWS Config & Lambda to enable continuous audit & compliance
  • AWS System Manager, Config, Jenkns to monitor, remediate compliance automatically

Container Services

  • Container Readiness Assessment
  • Design and Implement
  • Manage and Scale Containers
  • Contianer Security

DevOps Ecosystem At A Glance

Why Containers

  • Self service with automated provisioning
  • Flexible technical stack and application framework
  • Build and run across multiple environment (Dev / Test / Prod)
  • Rapidly iterate, deploy to production faster
IT Management
  • Run on any infrastructure (On-premise / Cloud)
  • Better capacity utilization and control on infrastructure spend.
  • Enable standardization, Workload Isolation and Load Balancing.
  • Enhanced Compliance using Cloud Security Services
  • Provide speed and agility
  • Time to market is reduced
  • Lowering IT costs
  • Reduction in deployment failure

Our Toolkit for Containers

Amazon ECS
Amazon EKS
Amazon ECR
Amazon Fargate
Docker Hub
Docker Swarm

Appreciation by Clients

Success Stories

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