Cashify is an online marketplace for reselling used electronic gadgets. With fast growth, Cashify is India’s largest pure play reverse commerce platform that allows users to sell digital devices. It has exchange partnerships with large e-commerce companies attracting more than 3 million user sessions.




Published Date : 14-March-2023

Cashify’s Migration Needs

AWS Migration
Migrating Java and PHP web applications from Linode Cloud to AWS
App Performance
Application modernization with microservices and containerization
Business Outcomes
Performance, scalability, portability, faster go to market and security

Umbrella Infocare’s Proposed Solution

Cashify had its application workloads on Linode Cloud and wanted to migrate several applications including their core web and mobile e-commerce application to Amazon Web Services (AWS). They had a combination of B2C, B2B and administrative applications. Umbrella Infocare helped them migrate to AWS successfully in two phases and are optimizing their infrastructure with Managed Services. Our team gained an understanding of the multiple layered modular architecture, various application modules, and individual servers.

Environment re-architecture for application redundancy and high availability; autoscaling of web servers using Elastic Load Balancers

Fresh application deployment on servers with new configuration for web servers and application servers using AWS CodeDeploy

MySQL Database migrated to AWS RDS Aurora for ensuring scalability, and high performance; new databases were created in Aurora

Redeployed MongoDB application and setup database backup on new server; staging environment was setup for thorough testing

Cashify Architecture

Cashify Architecture
“We collaborated with a highly skilled team of cloud experts at Umbrella Infocare, who made our migration experience quick and smooth. They were able to capture our requirements effectively and are helping us leverage AWS for faster growth.”
Pankaj Kumar Agrawal
Sr. VP - Engineering at Cashify.

Benefits of AWS Migration for Cashify