Driving growth is the constant that businesses strive for whether big or small. Depending on the type of business, ensuring high availability, introducing new features and capabilities, scaling faster, and bringing the customer a seamless, omnichannel experience has become the undeniable path to take, aided by web and app modernization. When Umbrella Infocare engaged with Cybex, they were looking to strengthen their market positioning and offering the best-in-class user experience on their web and app platforms. Cybex was also aiming to control costs while achieving superior quality and experience.

Hero FinCorp



Cybex brings deep insight into international markets and competitors with powerful data analysis software and a huge Export-Import database. The company collects data from various sources and offers various options to optimize the data for different purposes. With more than 20000 clients, Cybex provides data solutions to leading companies across the globe.

01. Customer Challenge

HFC is using FinnOne, a loan lifecycle management software to manage its lending business which covers initial contact with customer, loan servicing and delinquency management.

The customer wanted to migrate the application to AWS Cloud for the following reasons:

02. Umbrella Solution

Umbrella configured FinnOne deployment in AWS Mumbai region leveraging AWS Well-Architected Framework which includes using two availability zones (AZs) to ensure applications are always available. The architecture ensures HFC applications and database will run independently and simultaneously in two AWS regions, so core operations will remain unaffected even if one region goes down.

Further HFC corporate office has been connected to AWS region with a Direct Connect service to ensure security and high-speed data transfer.

Since close monitoring is equally important to ensure availability, so AWS Managed services CloudWatch along with third-party tool CloudHealth keep track of application and database metrics via dashboards and alerts to take proactive measures whenever required.

Umbrella used several best practices including layered architecture segregating application and database while filtering traffic to these layers via another virtual network. Separate environment for production and development purposes have also been configured for higher compliance.

Another best practice is to minimize the surface area of attack and Umbrella used the policy of least privilege access based on security groups. At the resource level Umbrella configured CIS best practices to harden virtual servers, widely used in financial services. Also AWS log monitoring service keeps a close watch on who accesses what resources.
Migration timing was chosen carefully on a weekend during regular maintenance, so business operations were not affected at all.

03. Benefits

Says Shiv Kumar of Hero FinCorp, ” Thanks to Umbrella’s expertise and experience, we worked seamlessly as an extended team and managed a complex migration involving core operations which has been a game changer enabling us to move quickly as a business while achieving security at scale. The benefits that have accrued by migrating to AWS Cloud is convincing enough to consider the next steps in Cloud deployment.”