Enterprise customers are increasingly migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS Cloud to achieve digital transformation and to take advantage of the agility, scalability and reliability.

For customers who have deployed business-critical workloads in traditional Microsoft environment, Cloud becomes a force multiplier that enables to achieve wholistic transformation that facilitates innovation at speed and scale with standardized, API-driven infrastructure and enhanced security, transparency and collaboration.

The momentum to migrate Widows workloads to AWS Cloud is abetted by the successes demonstrated by thousands of customers. Between 2015 and 20018 there has been a 400% growth of Windows workloads using Amazon EC2 for Windows Server on AWS Cloud. With more than 10 years of innovation on Windows and SQL server, AWS Cloud offers 143 instance types and 37 instance families and 60 AMI for Windows workloads.

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AWS Cloud has been a preferred Cloud provider to host Windows workload for more than 10 years for the following reasons

Broader and Deeper Functionality

Widest selection of Cloud services—2X more Windows instances than its nearest competitor. This includes services such as the AWS Deep Learning AMI for Microsoft Windows Server; the only production support for Kubernetes on Windows; and the only fully managed native-Windows file system available in the Cloud with FSx for Windows File Server.

Greater Reliability

Global infrastructure with AWS Region/AZ model—recognized by industry analysts as the recommended approach for running enterprise applications that require high availability. This is one of the reasons why the next largest cloud provider had 7x more downtime hours than AWS in 2018.

Faster Performance

SQL Server on AWS consistently shows a 2x-3x better performance using HammerDB, a TPC-C-like benchmark tool compared to the next largest cloud provider. ZK Research points out AWS has at least a 2X price/performance advantage when comparing the price of a workload, including storage, compute and networking.

Umbrella Offerings

Managed SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL licenses on AWS Cloud
  • Leverage flexible cost models
  • Automated maintenance, patching, replication, backups


Windows Workload Migration

  • Configure & Deploy EC2 instances
  • Enhance scalability, performance
  • Deploy Active Directory, Dynamics, IIS and SQL server


Microsoft Software Licenses

  • EC2 instances with Windows pre-installed
  • Bring your own license (BYOL) model
  • Microsoft License Mobility for Windows migration on AWS


AWS Storage for Microsoft Windows

  • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
  • Fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system
  • Easily move Windows-based apps with file storage


Relational Database Services

  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • Flexibility to run for as long as you need
  • Fully managed service, offloads administration tasks


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