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Leveraging Citrix ADC for Secure Access to Applications

The Covid pandemic has put the spotlight on remote access technologies once again. These technologies have existed for long but there is a renewed interest as enterprises make a scramble to facilitate remote and secure access to achieve business continuity....

Leveraging Citrix ADC for Secure Access to Applications

Umbrella Wins Redshift Delivery Partner Status

Umbrella Infocare has added yet another feather to its capabilities as an AWS APN Partner by achieving recognition as an Amazon Redshift Delivery Partner. This comes in the wake of other competency certifications including AWS Cloud Migration, Microsoft Workload, DevOps,...

How to Best Secure Data in AWS S3

Amazon S3 is one of its oldest services, immensely popular as a cost-effective storage option. Launched in 2006, it is an object storage and sharing service with a web interface, deeply embedded with applications across the Internet via API integrations....

How to Best Secure Data in AWS S3

Umbrella uCloud is Bar Raiser in AWS Managed Services

Extracting value in the Cloud is a continuous process and requires technical expertise, thorough understanding of the ecosystem and constant skill upgradation as Cloud benefits of scalability, flexibility and pay as-you-go are underpinned by extensive automation. Managed Services is a...

How Athena Reduces Cost of Data Analytics

Leveraging data has several challenges chief amongst which is storing it in a scalable, cost-effective manner. Amazon S3 solves that to a large extent by storing raw, unstructured data cost-effectively, but analyzing that data is expensive as customers have to...

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