Our industry expertise helps us to create focused solutions tailored to each client. We leverage our deep understanding of domain knowledge to show you how technology can be effectively applied to transform your enterprise, and set your business apart.
Retail companies confront new challenges every day: mounting costs, sluggish growth, supply chain dynamics and shifting customer expectations. Additionally, the proliferation of mobile technology and new distribution channels makes the retail environment even tougher. Ensuring sustainable performance and growth requires innovative strategies, perspective, and perseverance.

By integrating, Cloud computing, virtualization, mobility and security solutions you have a new way to transform. A unified approach can empower the retail business with speed and agility to engage with customers across all channels. You are empowered to create, deploy and manage applications faster.

UIC’s Managed Services ensure compliance and security. You can easily carry out, process and manage your e-Commerce environment, handle your digital marketing assets, evaluate consumer behaviour data and go-to-market faster. The scalability and dexterity that our solutions offer will allow you to shift the focus from infrastructure management to improving your consumers’ experience.

In today’s financial services market, driving out superfluous costs is critical. UIC offers a broad range of Managed Services that deliver greater flexibility and agility to manage costs and improve productivity with the applications and IT assets you have in place.

UIC’s Managed Services are about the supremacy of choice—hybrid models of onsite and offsite-premises infrastructures that allow you to move as much or as little as you do want into the Cloud. Harness the power of our expertise and achieve the reliability and security of financial and personal data and mission-critical applications that are paramount to your business.

Our Managed Services can protect your data and free your IT. You can deploy greatly integrated solutions on-premise, in the Cloud, or in cohesion, with ease. This can help you effectively manage your IT costs to adjust to shrinking budgets while also cutting your carbon footprint.

An effective IT environment will help you deliver products faster, respond swiftly to market changes, benefit from higher customer acquisition rates while increasing revenues and lowering operating costs without compromising on security and compliance.

In a business that already relies hugely on digital information, quick and consistent access to data is essential for critical transformation of both the business and customer value propositions of the media and entertainment industry.

An integrated IT environment based on virtualization and Cloud computing technologies enables your company to handle workloads faster and helps ensure employees have on-demand access to critical business information that is secure and accessible.

Leveraging the power of UIC’s Managed Solutions can help you transform your existing IT environment into a dynamic system. You can stream workloads into your own infrastructure, as well as external setups. Besides, by having applications available across the Internet, you can confirm the experience is uniform across all devices, including desktops, phones and browsers.

The outcomes are simplified management, easier maintenance, and reduced deployment time, but enhanced scalability so you can more handle peaks in demand more easily.

Today’s healthcare payers are confronting several issues: regulatory compliance, social media, fast technology developments and cultural change. Given the growing influence of mobile, customers are seeking multi-channel and multi-dimensional experience to engage with their health insurance companies seamlessly, in real-time and through various means including phone, the Web, email, text, and social media. Cloud solutions help you innovate in a new way, bolster your business with speed and nimbleness, streamline your processes and provide ease of collaboration—all without the risk, you can afford.

UIC provides a wide range of Managed Services to help you modernize and optimize your IT infrastructure and business operations. By adopting new models that spur coordination and knowledge sharing among all caregivers to offer more integrated and personalized care, you can improve efficiency, quality, and value. As a result, you achieve greater flexibility, agility, and can shift the focus on driving growth and customer acquisition, knowing your IT environment is skilfully managed and supported.

For companies engaged in e-Commerce, a robust technology infrastructure is critical for success. With their Web site as the main source of revenue, they need round-the-clock reliability, security and an agile Cloud infrastructure that can scale to handle peaks in traffic and rising demand, supported by a partner they can bank on.

UIC is uniquely positioned to help e-Commerce firms realize the revenue potential and maximize the operational synergies of multi-channel commerce. As a reliable partner, we bring a wealth of experience working with all major enterprises in virtualization and Cloud computing technologies, so clients make the best use of their current technology investments.

Companies can reconstruct, and upgrade their existing commerce capabilities on Cloud quickly and efficiently, greatly expanding their reach without adding the costs of their e-Commerce systems.

UIC’s Managed Services enable you to accelerate time to market and drive revenue growth. You can swiftly transform your brand experience and shift between Cloud and on-premise deployment models as your business needs evolve.

Established railroad, surface and ocean transportation companies aren’t the only ones trying to meet growing expectations for seamless service. Transportation providers, irrespective of their size, are shifting to the Cloud to gain transparency and real-time clarity to information at every point of the shipment journey __ from enquiry to delivery to billing. With the possibilities of virtualization, even mid-size companies can take advantage of a flexible service model that can scale up and down, depending on usage, to meet variable customer demand and help bring down the total cost of ownership.

Whether it is tackling sales and customer service issues, operations scheduling or route implementation, UIC’s Managed Services for shipping companies drive improvement in freight transportation logistics.

UIC specialists possess deep IT and business expertise relevant to the field of logistics, including transportation scheduling, transportation execution and supply chain management. Our proven solutions help you increase revenue and manage capacity while improving the end-to-end customer experience. You can maximize the availability of IT assets and infrastructure, raise operational efficiency, and cut down costs.