Provide users data on demand, to any gadget, and anywhere

Virtualization can greatly improve effectiveness, free up resources, and bring down costs – without compromising performance, security, and existing assets. The conventional workplace model no longer means employees working at the office desk on corporate devices. It now represents an increasingly varied workforce that anticipates being able to work from anywhere with an array of devices.

Enterprise virtualization helps address these demands by unifying servers, desktops, and mobile apps by centralizing data and securely delivering them to users on demand, to any gadget, anywhere.

Umbrella Infocare (UIC) empowers businesses by providing virtualization solutions through safe mobile workspaces that allow people to access data, apps, desktops, and communications on any device, across any network and Cloud.
Speed up your virtualization success with our powerful Cloud solutions.

UIC Application and Desktop Virtualization is a powerful range of Citrix Services in the Cloud that allows you to deliver secure remote access to Windows apps and desktops to users on demand by unifying apps and desktops in the datacenter, and delivering them to any gadget and anywhere.

Using industry-leading solutions like Citrix’s XenApp to provide Windows business apps to any device and XenDesktop for application and desktop virtualization for the mobile employees, you can empower employee productivity, drive down costs and complexity, and secure business information. The solution will help your organization keep stride with the altering business demands while increasing efficiency, rationalizing management, reinforcing security, and arresting expenditure.

Companies are recognizing that mobility can drive business growth that is leading to mobile productivity becoming a critical necessity to ensuring a buoyant and driven workforce. Enterprises that look beyond the limitations of fixed locations and standard desktops are able to facilitate new autonomy and flexibility in the way people work and experience. With the right mobility solutions, your organization can securely offer the requisite applications and data people want to work efficiently, irrespective of the place or device they use.

UIC Enterprise Mobility Management services help customers maximize value at every phase of their mobility voyage delivering one integrated, complete Enterprise Management system. Using Citrix’s flagship product, XenMobile, for delivering business value through mobility, it helps you deliver all the apps your users need that includes Windows apps, SaaS, the Web, communications– all as a single unit. When tied with XenApp and XenDesktop, XenMobile allows users to gain access to all their apps, SaaS, Windows desktops, and the Web –as a single app.

To meet the challenges of the enterprise workforce that is becoming more mobile and spread out, it becomes imperative for businesses to have datacenters that not only underpin security but also maximize the delivery of applications and services, irrespective of where people work, what gadget they use or what network they link to for connectivity. Organizations that leverage Cloud networking achieve utmost scalability while securing networks and apps, simplifying management and increasing dependability.

UIC Cloud Networking solutions for mobile and the Web let you build next-gen enterprise datacenters, protect apps and networks from threats, and ensure an incomparable user experience. Optimizing performance of Cloud networks with Citrix products, you can easily accelerate and secure all enterprise applications including the LAN, WAN, the Internet, and Cloud to deliver superior mobility, availability, and outcomes.

Powered by world’s preferred delivery controller for mobile and the Web, Citrix NetScaler, lets you have the most comprehensive set of application security, speed and load balancing (including GSLB) capabilities to support a broad range of platforms.

With Citrix CloudBridge, another powerful tool you can accelerate your app delivery to remote workers across third-party public Cloud and private networks, offering a platform for Cloud-enabling intermediary systems while providing visibility into applications performance to optimize the user experience. Together with NetScaler, you can effortlessly secure and optimize the delivery of your virtualized desktops and apps with a deeper view for enhanced results.

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