Capitalizing on the Cloud to accelerate IT capabilities

Cloud computing presents many attractive benefits: probable lower costs and the liberation from expensive upgrades, for starters. Cloud brings an unprecedented opportunity to rewrite and reshape information technology’s correlation with the business. It can adjust agility, speed, and cost – all while forming a new kind of high-dexterity, high-growth organization.

Umbrella Infocare (UIC) Cloud solutions are engineered to help your business succeed. No matter what size your business is – whether you are a recognized enterprise or a full of beans new startup, our wide portfolio, and profound expertise provide the opportunities you need to innovate.

With an exceptional suite of AWS Cloud software and services, UIC provides you the option to pick your own Cloud solution – be it developing, deploying, or managing critical business workloads in the Cloud. This approach gives you the elasticity to relate the services to your needs and gain from growth and scale.

For many companies contemplating and migrating to Cloud means leveraging an effective Cloud adoption strategy that ensures your business is poised to maximizing the gains of transformation.

Umbrella Infocare (UIC) Cloud migration services help you achieve your strategic business goals the right way. UIC simplifies and speeds your shift to Cloud with proven methodologies that enable you to start focusing on taking your business ahead

Whether you are just beginning to embark on your path to virtualization or an experienced pro on Cloud, our Cloud Infra Optimization provides Cloud-optimized solutions that enable consolidation, disaster recovery, mission-critical resiliency, and swift application deployment to accelerate the value of your virtualization.
Smarter Practices ! Better Products ! Faster Growth !

DevOPs is a cultural philosophy of developing software that enables companies to design great products and applications faster, better, smarter drawing on the expertise of multiple teams in a collaborative environment. This requires organisational cohesiveness supported by systems, processes and methodologies including automation, tooling and know-how.

As opposed to traditional systems and practices where software development and operations were executed in silos, DevOps model brings these teams to work together from development to testing and deployment. Working in an integrated environment enables tighter collaboration, producing faster processes, robust quality control and enhanced security features.

AWS offers technology stack and tools that optimise DevOps practices. Our cloud experts use Code Commit, Code Pipeline, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWork, Code Deploy, Cloud Formation and CloudWatch to optimise DevOps deployment.

How can Umbrella enable your DevOps culture?

Our teams have designed methodologies and practices that will help you understand current frameworks and enable you to deploy applications faster and more reliably, using AWS tools and DevOps best practices.

  • Accelerate Cloud Strategy: Talk to our cloud strategists to evaluate current state of readiness and get insights into a cloud roadmap with built-in DevOps best practices.
  • Build DevOps–ready Team: Our strategists will assess team structure and skills sets, recommend changes as required to accelerate processes for DevOps-ready team.
  • Rely on Automation: We rely on automation to manage deployment and monitoring services, to create fail-safe deployments and reduce margin for human error.
  • Get robust Security: Attain robust security with automated processes, central logging and granular controls.
  • Custom scripts for Configuration Management: Improve reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud architecture with custom scripts for deployment, instant fail-over and automated security.
  • Get visibility with KPI milestones: We link metrics to provide visibility and demonstrate results of DevOps to business outcomes.

Our DevOps Principles and Practises

DevOp Principals

  • Collaboration
  • Iterative
  • One Team
  • Business and IT Agility
  • Test Everything
  • Holistic

DevOp Practices

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • IT Automation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Version Control Integration
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Infrastructure as Code

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UIC Managed Cloud services help you preserve all the cost and agility benefits achieved from the Cloud with the added advantage of 24X7 monitoring and tech support.

Cost-effective, flexible, secure, and competitive, UIC Managed Cloud services help you harness the full advantage of the gains of Cloud while providing crucial maintenance to lower risk as your business scales. Our team of specialist will build and manage a scalable Cloud setup that will fully support your future needs. We’ll then manage and monitor the infrastructure for you, adding value and power

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