Cloud adoption has gained significant momentum, yet security continues to be a major concern amongst many enterprises. The apprehension that digital significantly increases enterprise vulnerabilities does not hold water as many high-visibility, mission-critical Cloud deployments have demonstrated.

While public Clouds provide high level of security, it is a shared responsibility and businesses must undertake specific measures to prevent attacks and ensure deployments are safe. This includes good deployment practices, and rigorous enforcement of governance policy.

Businesses must have a strategic approach to security and invest in people and technology including :

  • A team of security experts chiselled with continuous training
  • Establish systems and processes
  • Invest in security tools and technologies
  • Automation for continuous compliance

Umbrella Methodology

Security Assessment & Design

Identity & Access Management

Multi-factor Authentication

Vulnerability Asessments

Intrusion Detection

Data Protection

Log Management

Automated Patch Management

Data Encryption & Key Management

Appreciation by Clients

Cloud Optimization
Cloud Performance
AWS Managed Services
Cloud Migration Services