The unique advantage of Cloud—its inherent qualities of elasticity, scalability and agility—gains particular significance in light of the ability to optimize deployments on a continuous basis. Moving to the Cloud entails a journey of vigilance and commitment to regularly assess and tweak deployments and extract maximum advantage.

Optimization strategies must have a holistic view and do a balancing act to accommodate competing priorities—business imperative for high performance must be carefully weighed against the need to cut down expenditure.

Further, optimization is a journey, a process of continuous improvement reflecting evolving needs, changing priorities, adoption of new tools and technologies, natural growth and expansion of business.

Umbrella Methodology

Identify Business Needs

  • Understand long term & short term business needs
  • Establish balance between cost, performance & availability

Create Categories

  • Create categories in case of multiple workloads
  • Strategies based on performance, scalability, security, cost savings

Tag Resources

  • Tag resources to establish owners
  • Who owns resources, what functions, how important

Regular Reviews

  • Review existing deployments
  • Share regular recommendation

Tools & Automation

  • Extensive leverage of tools & automation
  • Improve performance, utilization, process simplification

Appreciation by Clients

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