The Human Element in Machine Learning

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Machine Learning has delivered exponential benefits to society, far beyond the capabilities of the human mind—specifically in space, basic science and medical research. Now the advent of Cloud computing has brought massive computational power within the reach of small businesses. This has expanded the application of ML into the realm of businesses, impacting individuals. Consequently, [...]

Cloud-Native App Dev is cost-effective, scalable and fast

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Cloud as a platform to develop applications offers unique advantages. This includes a secure environment which is quick and easily available. You do not waste time in setting up an infrastructure or invest in buying expensive hardware. Cloud service providers take care of the underlying infrastructure, managing the day-to-day operations—ensuring performance, securing patches and installing [...]

Umbrella Team Retreat – Bonding & Rejuvenating

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Umbrella team is a small closely-knit group of people who know each other by name and often spend time together. The team recently went to Manesar, away from the madding crowd to spend the weekend, bond and rejuvenate

Umbrella Enhances Performance of Ecom Website

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The Client Amikinee is one of the fast-growing ecommerce portals in Bangladesh, providing a range of electronics, consumer durables and home furnishings for retail consumers. The Challenge Website performance was unsatisfactory—page loading slow and website experienced frequent downtime. Website was not scalable, architecture lacked best practices which exposed data, making it vulnerable to attacks. Aminikee [...]

Advantage Business! Machine Learning is Fast Becoming Reality

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Machine Learning is becoming a reality with more businesses getting a handle on how to leverage it and demonstrating its benefits with effective deployment. This has been possible due to the growth of cloud computing which has provided cheap access to vast processing capabilities, even to small enterprises. Combined with the easy availability of sophisticated [...]

Umbrella contributes to education and clothing for poor

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Umbrella Infocare has partnered with EFC – Pankh (https://www.facebook.com/ExpeditionsforCause.EFC/ ), an NGO focussed on bringing smile to every child and motivate kids to come to school. We regularly participate and sponsor various activities for kids including conducting sports activities, quizzes, competitions to make school experience more enjoyable. To help poor survive the bitter cold of [...]

Wishing a very Happy and Pollution Free Diwali

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Once again, the festival of light is upon us. Diwali is the festival of new beginnings and new journeys. But most of all, Diwali is the festival for cleanliness! We clean our homes getting rid of old things and creating space for the new. We invite Goddess Lakshmi to bless us with peace and prosperity. [...]

Defend WannaCry and other security ingressions

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WannaCry ransomware or WannaCrypt—as it is also known—which occurred in May this year targeted computers running Windows operating systems by encrypting data and demanding ransom in bitcoin cryptography. This was one of the most devastating security attacks in recent times, which has extensively crippled banks, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure disrupting citizen services in [...]

Customers are highly satisfied with Umbrella Infocare: CSAT survey

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A recent survey amongst its customers show a high level of satisfaction with the service and technical capabilities of Team Umbrella. The results are consistent with the company’s vision of working as a trusted partner of the customer with high level of technical competence and dedication. The most significant result of the survey is that [...]

Optimizing Cost on AWS

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Technology infrastructure is the biggest expenditure for organizations, second only to human resources. Managing infrastructure costs is a quagmire as cutting down on expenditure will adversely affect efficiency and productivity. However, organizations can be watchful and institute best practices that will significantly reduce wasteful spending. One of the key values at AWS is to understand [...]